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Pleased to make your acquaintance...

About Tomorrow is an acoustic fusion band with Singer-Songwriter Lauren Tracy (RSA)  & talented Guitarist Indy Laville (FR). Their music gives hints of Swing, Jazz & Blues in their original songs & old school cover renditions.


Meet the duo:

Lauren Tracy, live wire from Cape Town, writes cryptic & soul provoking songs which mingle with her studies in Music Production at SAE Institute. She charms & delights audiences with her unique husky tone and captivating stage presence. Indy, night owl from Paris, is more than nifty on the guitar, with over 15 years of experience & no stranger to the Saigon music scene. He stuns audiences with his musical flair & influences the swing feel of the band with his gypsy jazz background & all-round know-how of music. 


Gigs & Travels:

 The duo has been gigging at many a Saigon joint since September 2016, as well as having toured around Vietnam in 2017, with a few stints in Cambodia in 2018. Last November 2018 to March 2019, the duo were on Phu Quoc island, making music and performing at tourist hot spot, Mango Bay. In April 2019 they had a few wiggles in South Africa, before returning to Saigon to work on their upcoming EP album.


Let this be your formal yet frivolous invitation ~ grab your dame, your daddy, your fella, your fellow goons to get jazzed on the poison of your preference

& the buzz of About Tomorrow.